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Gathered from the summit of Mount Ka’ala. The highest peak located in the northernmost end of O’ahu. Ka’ala is home to many native plants endemic to Hawai’i. The lei wili featured in this print was made with aloha by my dear friend and conservationist. She spends most of her days alongside native plants, caring for, protecting and perpetuating knowledge of the beauty of our native ecosystems. As we celebrate the 60th year of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival we share with you this special lei of aloha, lei wili Lapalapa, Pukiawe, Kolea lau li’i, ‘Ohi’a lehua and Wahine noho mauna. E lei kau, e lei ho’oilo i ke aloha. Kananiokeanuenueokalani

Lei Ka'ala

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